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Llegar a Chile es siempre algo muy especial y más aún ver y tocar a quellos que no hemos visto por algún tiempo. Siempre me tocó cruzar los Andes desde Argentina por avión. Esta vez, nos armamos de valor y la cruzamos por Perú pero, en bus... nunca más!! Dos días y medio viajando, no fué de lo más grato. El desierto nos atrapó y no parábamos de beber agua.

Arriving in Chile is always very special because we can reunite with family and friends that we have not seen for a while. I always crossed The Andes from Buenos Aires, Argentina by airplane... this time we became braver and we crossed to Chile by Perú but... by bus, two and a half days... never again!! The desert was something I did not expect and we did not stop drinking water.

some clouds and dry wind.

a long journey...


One of my favorite, the silence and the wind blowing its own song.

Camanchaca, are we approaching to the coast?


Con-con, The Dunes. A trip to the beach
with Antonio, Paula and Consuelo.

We all had a fun day.

One of the experts.

Exausted and hungry.

At Pitus-Porrus, In Melipilla ,
dreaming of having a swimming pool.

...and then, our dream came true!!!!!
but we all need to eat less and exercise more.

Mud pies anyone?

We like to get into our work.

Here with "Pelusa", the cat who adopted Eric.

"Mote con huesillos", is a typical Chilean non alcoholic drink and dessert.
It is made from husked wheat (mote), mixed with sun-dried peach (huesillo) that have been rehydrated in water for hours. The water in which the peaches were rehydrated is mixed with some sugar, and the wheat is mixed in a glass with the peaches and the peach-flavored sweetened water.

This drink is usually sold on streets, from carts and stands, during the summertime. The boiled wheat and huesillos are also bought in markets for domestic preparation.

In our way to Talagante to visit our friend Loreto angeloni.
a wonderful friend and artist.

Santiago downtown.

Santiago square. The Cathedral on your left and behind, the Post office.

The Chilean Government palace, La Moneda.
Built by Toesca in 1786-1805
restored four times: 1929, 1935, 1973, 1981.

The main entrance.

La bolsa building, one of my favorite buildings in Santiago.
I call it the Chilean Flatiron.
built it by the architect Emilio Jequiér from 1913 to 1917.

with our Oriana, our ex wonderful-helper and friend.
con nuestra Oriana, nuestra ex-super Nanny y amiga.

Oriana con Jasmín, Antonia and Thomas.

Ximeina, Claudia, Anne y Claudia

Enrique rediseñando el jardín de Carlos?

with our friends Carlos y Ximeina, after a wonderful lunch.

con Roberto y "la Carmen", maravillosos y cariñosos como siempre.

a night out at Tipi-Tap con todos los amigos.

The godfathers.

disfrutando el cariño de los amigos de años.

Anne at Flavio.

Thomas starting with a fire.

Breakfats at Pitus-Porrus. A kind of Tiffany in Melipilla.

what a landscape!

Time to refresh ourselves after a hard work.

Simple things in life are always the best.


locals washing their carrots.


water is important for Pitus-Porrus,
we need the trees stronger and higher...

with the help of my Antonia, everything is possible.

Anne enjoying her new look.

A nice dinner with candles, good moments
in a quiet starry night in the countryside.

The Vinyards.

I can smell the Carmere grapes!!!

Preparing ourselves for Xmas in Santiago.

Job done!!

The Vicuña Cifuentes Artists Group at Paulina's Home.
Paulina Izquierdo, Ma. Elena Covarruvias,
Ana María Figueroa y Demases, Isabel Correa,
Chichi Bellalta (ceramista), moi y nuestra gigante,
Paz Vial. (ceramista)
Los mejores recuerdos y vivencias de lo que era
el studio de Andrés Baldwin en Providencia.

con Paz Vial en su taller de Los Domínicos.

... en casa de Chichi, fenomenal los locos y la compañía.
The way of Chilean dogs love a friend.

with uncle Braulio, TOP lunch.
Con tío Braulio, y un almuerzo top gracias a la Carmencita.
¿cuando te veré otra vez?

¿a punto de quedarte dormido?
(he is ready for a siesta).

Thomas, Antonia, la amorosa Macarena, Consuelín, y Catalina.

with our new found friends, the Chilean Police.
Con la policía de camino en Concepción. Infaltable foto.

Main entrance to an old Chilean Colonial house.
"Fundo La Huerta".

The great "corredor".

the future.

Uncle Eugenio is always ready.

Stairs way to preserve a natural heaven.

Our host, Cristobal Heroven and his fight to preserve
the valley vineyards local environment.
3,000 people whose jobs would be at risk
if the Angelini Group (a powerful Chilean conglomerate) won the lawsuit.


Alex Quevedo and Enrique Azócar Santos, ready for a glass?
The international vineyard Kendall-Jackson and several German investors
reportedly dropped their plans to invest in the Itata Valley
when they learned a cellulose plant might be built.

A Berry bush.

Anne Nevin with Cristobal Heroven and Bettina von Cobe
tasting the berries in what it is a beautiful natural setting.

Los que ponen dan vida: Joaquín, Antonia, Thomas, Tomas y Cristóbal.

Enjoying a relaxing moment with Bettina, Cristobal, Pamela Santos and Anne.

Our Itata river,
provides the water for the area farmers,
It would be polluted by toxic chemicals released during cellulose production.
The cellulose project is now tied up in a Santiago court.

Anne is drawing on Puda beach,
the circle of everything.

Another fabulous lunch at my mother's. Sierra fish.


esperando a Verónica Villarroel
en el Concierto de apertura de la Universidad de Concepción.

Verónica Villarroel

Parque Lota


Pudá beach.

Sebastián and Thomas.

are you lost?

My brother Ernesto in his environment.

rushing back for tea.

Las Empanadas de la Yoli.

Anne in her environment with
Manuel Riveros Suazo in Chillán. Tel: 41-89740218
Artesanía en mimbre (willow).

My children and my nephews.

selling themselves???

next chapter Melbourne, Australia.


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Anonymous said...

Incredible country if you like nature, you will feel in the Paradise.We are spanish and we though we knew what the flavour from the fruit is until we got to Costa Rica.

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Anonymous said...

hello, i am thomas's friend from melbourne , love the photos!

Glen Trebilcock said...

Gracias por estas maravillosas fotos de Chile, pais que extraño mucho y que fue tan fielmente retratado por ustedes.
Abrazos desde Chicago, IL.
Glen Trebilcock